December 2016 photo of the month


E.C. Miller for furniture and undertaking

Christmas and New Years are special times for dressing up and going out with loved ones and family. In this month’s picture we have a group of people who are dressed in their finest clothes and hats and heading for who knows where. Nothing is known about this picture except for a small sign above them advertising “E.C. Miller for furniture and undertaking, Apple Creek, O” linking it to East Union Township. Looking closer at the ladies we can see the one with the hat on the left has a fan in her hand to help keep her cool, the one in the middle is wearing a pair of elegant gloves, and all four men are making a different fashion statement with their neckwear. Other advertisements are for A. Weiss Cash store in Dalton, D. A. Sommer for Fertilizer, Anchor plug Tobacco, and Champion binders and mowers. If you can help with any information about this picture or the businesses, please contact Drew Norman here at our website.

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  • Fay Meyer says:

    Dan A. Sommers had a store in Kidron. He was married to my Great-Aunt Mary Saltzman. I own a beautiful bowl with roses and gold trim purchased in his store.

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