April 2017 photo of the month

Drew Norman
Mrs Weltys Flowers

Mrs Weltys Flowers

This month I couldn’t resist one more walk up daffodil hill as it was in my mind and as it is in this 1960’s picture from Sue Gochnauer. Enjoy the colors and spring smells and the warm sun on your face as I am sure that Mrs Welty did.

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  • leota buss

    Wonderful picture; I spent a lot of time there.

  • Sandra Bott

    I went to visit in laws in Apple Creek, years ago and there was a place we could get all the daffadils we wanted. I think they were going to put in apt buildings or something, anyway, I got quite a few. I remember how beautiful all the daffadills looked. Anyway, now I have hundreds growing in my yard, just from those few I took from there.. It’s so beautiful each spring. Not sure if this is where we got them, but I think it was.

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