May 2018 photo of the month

Drew Norman
William James Knight

William James Knight

We at the Apple Creek Historical Society are very grateful for the freedoms that we have and would like to twice a year highlight someone from East Union Twp. who has served our county in the military.  William James Knight was born in East Union Twp. in 1837 and enlisted as a private in the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry of the Union Army in August of 1861.  Knight was a participant in an undercover operation where he and 19 others stole a Confederate locomotive called “The General” at Big Shanty, Georgia.  Knight was the engineer on the train for an 87 mile trek to the north while his fellow raiders tore up railroad track, burned bridges, and cut telegraph wires.  Unfortunately, all were captured and treated as spies and were sent to prison in Atlanta.  Knight was able to escape and rejoin the Union Army in Kentucky.  For his part in the raid, Pvt. William James Knight was awarded the Medal of Honor which he proudly wears in this month’s picture.  We would like to thank Joe Lackman for gathering this important information.

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