October 2018 Photo of the month

Drew Norman
Kathy Fisher

Kathy “Fisher” Lebold (blue dress) Picture was taken in 1956.

I had to play a little last minute detective to find out all I could on the October picture.  I was thinking since this was the 2nd year of Waynedale football, that Kathy Fisher would be the 2nd homecoming Queen, however, I have checked the year books and called 4 different people from the  class in question, and have come to the conclusion that there was no football homecoming the first year that Waynedale existed back in 1955. I zoomed into the photo and printed on the football (in Gold Paint) in the showcase reads “Wins 5 Loses 1. Year 1955”

If anyone knows the identity of the 2 ladies on the left and the lady in red dress. Please email me Drew Norman class of 1989 🙂 at drewnorman1226@gmail.com

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