November 2018 photo of the month

Bill Gordon
Bill Gordon

Major John William “Flash” Gordon climbs aboard his F-4 Phantom Jet in January of 1969 and prepares for one of his 234 combat missions in Viet Nam.  Bill was a 1948 graduate of Apple Creek High School before attending the College of Wooster for one year, and then two years at Kent State before enlisting in the Air Force.  Bill made the Air Force his career serving also in Korea, Panama, Labrador, and Newfoundland along with various bases in the United States finally retiring as a Colonel in Texas.  Bill showed an early interest in flying and had his pilot’s license even before his driver’s license.  You can see some of his F-4’s fire power underneath consisting of multiple Aim-7 Sparrow air to air missiles and an external gun pod (F-4’s were not designed with internal cannons as most fighters since).  The Apple Creek Historical Society would like to thank Major Gordon’s family along with everyone who has served our country in the Armed Forces.  A special thanks to Bill’s wife Diane for this wonderful photograph and background information.

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