Our picture this month is one of the classic photo postcards of down town Apple Creek taken in the early 1900’s.  Here we see a clear view of the east side of the railroad tracks on the south side of SR 250. What must it have been like to have a bakery that close to the railroad tracks? A person has to be cautious opening the oven door let alone have the whole house shaken by a train!   I also wonder why the door to Bryan’s department store has I.B. West painted on it.  Landlord maybe?  The sign down the street says Livery and Feed Barn. It’s hard to picture a livery stable operating in downtown Apple Creek, however there it is.  It looks to me like the hanging street light may be a lantern fastened to a cable on a pulley system that it allows it to be lowered to street level for attending. There appears to be a wooden board “sidewalk” across the muddy street heading towards Ike West’s store to protect the towns folk’s shoes.   I also wonder why the poles back then are a dark color at the bottom and white at the tops.  There is a lot of history in this photograph and lot things yet to be discovered in East Union Twp.!  We would like to thank Robert Bowers for his donation of this piece of Apple Creek History!

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