December 2014 Newsletter


Apple Creek Historical Society Newsletter December 2014

Ralph and Bessie Richeson – have bequeathed $20,000 to the ACHS and we are most grateful. It came as a complete surprise but one that was greatly needed and appreciated. Needless to say it will be very helpful as we move ahead with Phase IV and the installation of our HVAC. Donations are the backbone of our income. Profit from JAS Days was $2,589.97 and although membership fees do provide a little income neither provide the significant means for moving the construction of the building ahead. So you can guess how very much we appreciate their thoughtfulness and consideration for what we are doing. 100% of donations goes to construction.

Thanks – There were so many people who were a part of making the Pioneer Fest a success for the second year in a row that it was not possible to send out a note of thanks to all that helped. Nevertheless, we do appreciate what everyone did and want you to know that we do give thanks for your help. We do have a list of those who made financial contributions on our web site:

You Are Invited – to be a part of the planning for the 50th observation of Johnny Appleseed Days on Thursday, January 22, at 7:00 at Mayer/Carson Hall. We want it to be a special celebration and the more people that join in doing the planning the better it will be. On Saturday, July 18 we will start at 11:00 instead of 4:00 so that we can have an extended program to celebrate the 50 years. Friday will kick off at 4:00 as usual.

Phase IV – Currently we are in Phase IV of the construction of our building and it is estimated to cost $216,790. The largest part of this cost is for the HVAC which is being installed by Kidron Electric. The gas line has just recently been installed and the three phase electric line will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

Nature Activities – You probably are aware that we have started a bluebird trail under the leadership of the Nick George family. What you may not know is that thanks to a generous donation we will be installing a martin house complex next spring. On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at 7:00 PM at Mayor/Carson Hall Don Plant will be presenting a program open to the community on the topic of Purple Martins. With a Power Point presentation, Don will present the “ins and outs” of attracting, maintaining, and retaining a Purple Martin colony. He will emphasize the importance of site location, proper housing, proper care, and the reasons for colony failures.

We also have been working on developing a small patch of prairie on the back part of our property and will be presenting a program on prairies in March or April. We welcome people to get involved in any of our nature activities and may do so by contacting any of our leadership group.

Facebook – We would like to have someone to work with Drew Norman to put out information on Facebook. All of our core group have a full load already along with the responsibilities for Johnny Appleseed and we would like to get more information out through our web site and a Facebook account. Let us know if you will help.

Membership – So many of you have been so faithful in supporting our efforts to bring a learning center to the community in a wide variety of ways. Our membership fees have been the same from the very beginning. Although the cost is minimal that support is an encouragement to us and does collectively bring in some money. Thanks.

May your celebration of Christmas be one of great joy.
Gary Rogers – President

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