January photo of the month 2015


Falling gasoline prices have been in the news of late, so for this month we will look back at one of the earlier gas stations in East Union Township. Located across from the Apple Creek Bank, we can learn many cool things about Alvin R.Derr’s Service Station from this post card mailed in 1932. Derr’s was the “New Blue Sunoco” dealer selling its gasoline for 17 ½ cents per gallon along with being the Exide Battery representative.   The bottles at the one attendant’s feet (remember when they pumped your gas!) probably contain motor oil and transmission fluid for a quick refill. One of the signs in the window is advertising Lowell Thomas, the famous radio journalist with several radio stations where he could be heard (WLW Chicago, WJR Detroit, and KDKA Pittsburg) and a Coca-Cola sign can be seen behind the car being refueled. Water or air hoses can also be seen hanging down from the canopy.

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